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In Trouble with Inland Revenue?

Taxation is a complex and at times worrying procedure. It can be hard for mere mortals to get their head around their obligations. This can lead to delays in payment and the inevitable penalties and interest.

We find the longer this goes on the worse the situation gets. It can become nearly impossible for people to dig themselves out of this hole without professional assistance.

We understand this cycle and the mental state this can leave you in, so if this sounds like you, and you need a helping hand, give us a call. You will find that we are supportive and non-judgmental, and simply there to get you back on your feet.

Customer testimonials:

” I got myself in a power of IRD trouble after a failed property venture and couldn’t pay GST and income tax. IRD had a guts full of me and things got real serious and this had a real impact on me and the family over a two year period. I heard about Pete and gave him a call and from the first meeting hit it off pretty well and felt so much better even after just that meeting.  I gave Peter the hurry up a few times because I was stressed but he just reassured me and said be patient.
Then out of the blue he rings me up  and tells me the debt had been wiped.   Woow… what can I say the relief was mind blowing, I still can’t believe it. The best Christmas I’ve had in years…thanks Pete “


“I had a commitment to long term health care of a family member as well as carrying out the daily necessities meant that I deferred my taxation obligations. After being taken to Court by Inland Revenue for non filing of tax returns, I approached Count on Us to rectify my situation.The matters were handled in a prompt and efficient manner.The Staff at Count on Us were very helpful and non judgemental regarding my predicament and the situation was restored to the satisfaction of the Inland Revenue Department and myself.
I would recommend if any problems arise regarding taxation (or other matters covered by their services) then contact Count on Us”.

Ian 27 January 2011