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Financial and Business Planning

Your personal financial plan can help you and your family to achieve goals such as:

  • Financial security in retirement
  • Preserving and growing the real value of your capital
  • Protecting your lifestyle and that of your dependants
  • Providing for your children or grandchildren’s education
  • Providing for weddings of your children or grandchildren
  • Travel abroad

Your personal financial plan – 6-step approach

  1. Understand your current position
  2. Define your lifestyle objectives and future financial needs
  3. Develop a strategy to achieve the objectives and financial needs
  4. Agree on the strategy and action items to achieve your objectives
  5. Implement the agreed strategies and initiate an ongoing communication programme
  6. Manage the progress towards your objectives

Talk to Count on Us to initially discuss your financial planning needs.

* We do not provide investment or retirement planning services but we are happy to assist you to choose from numerous options available out there.