We can tell you a year in advance what the costs will be for the Accounting and Taxation services you require. Our prices are then fixed and you can pay in easy monthly instalments. Contact us for a quote for your business.

We also offer standard Accounting and Taxation packages from $280 + GST:

  • Preparation of GST Returns.
  • Tax Returns for your company and shareholders.
  • Year end Financial Statements and a letter highlighting key points. This will be delivered at a meeting with your client advisor to discuss the past year and look to the future.
  • Tax reminder letters for all tax payers. Three for provisional tax, one for terminal tax. All of these are issued at least two weeks before the due date.
  • All of the above is provided from $280 per month + GST. Contact us for a quote specifically for your business.
  • Free phone advice is included for FREE in the above package.

Pricing for other common services are listed below:

  • Tax returns from $280 + GST.
  • Rental property tax return $550 – $800 + GST.
  • 2 rental properties tax returns $750 – $900 + GST.
  • Look through company (LAQC) $900 – $1200 + GST.
  • Sole Trader tax return $800 – $1600 + GST.
  • Small company financial statement and tax return for company and share holder $1800 – $2200 + GST (If we are to bundle GST then additional charges will be inevitable. We will quote a fixed rate for this as well).
  • Film Industry Sole Trader Contractors from $800 + GST

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